9 Fitness Tips That Will Save Your Money

  1. Cut your medical bills. Make exercise and eating healthy a habit. Get fit now and your medical bills will be lower later.
  2. Take advantage of free ways to exercise, such as walking, dancing and stretching; or check out churches and the YMCA for exercise classes for little or no cost. Squeeze workouts into everyday activities, such as parking farther from your destination so you walk more.
  3. Don’t join a gym if you won’t use it. If you will, look for membership deals when you join with a friend or family member. Besides saving cash, you’ll have an exercise buddy to keep you motivated.
  4. Take advantage of free exercise classes on YouTube or other sites. Exercise site, which will give you free programs
  5. Go for inexpensive workout equipment. A jump rope, a pair of dumbbells and an exercise ball are cheap and effective.
  6. Sign up for email alerts about sales at your favorite fitness apparel stores. Clothing discounters often carry the same shoes and workout gear as fitness stores but for less money.
  7. Keep portions in check. Food portion should be the size of a small fist or a deck of cards. Save money by using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate or platter.
  8. Download free fitness apps. YogaYak tells you where to find more than 200 free yoga classes, Nike Training Club offers more than 100 free workouts, and MyFitnessPal counts calories.
  9. Join a fitness program. A Fitness Program is offered under many Medicare plans. Ask your health insurer if it offers gym membership discounts.

Tips from Donna Richardson Joyner, member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition


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